Sending Hidden Data & Retrieving RecordID for Crisp Addon

Hello Softr Community!

I’m currently using the Crisp addon on my Softr-based web app, and I have a question that I’m hoping someone can help me with.

I’d like to know if there’s a way to send hidden data (specifically, the RecordID of a connected user) to the Crisp addon. My goal is to identify users and track their interactions within my web app, allowing for a more personalized experience.

Any advice, code snippets, or resources you could share would be a great help.

Thanks in advance for your assistance :sunflower:

Hi @lea, here is a custom code that can be used to pass the Softr logged-in user data when using Crisp: How to pass user authentication to crisp using the softr auth? You can modify the code to pass the user’s RecordId.

Thank you for sharing the custom code @Marine.Hovhannisyan. It’s great to know that I can use the Softr logged-in user data when working with Crisp. Since emails are unique in the Softr user database, I’ll utilize the email as the unique identifier instead of the RecordId. This will allow me to pass the user authentication to Crisp effectively.

Full documentation about this initial post is here : How can I automatically set custom data? | Crisp Helpdesk


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Hey @lea, you are always welcome and thank you too for sharing the documentation! :+1: