Selecting which photo displays when airtable cell has multiple

Is there a way in a list or list detail to select which photo from an airtable cell is displayed first or choose the order when there are multiple?

I could just re-order them in Airtable, but the issue is that the “interfaces” in Airtable populate in the reverse order of Softr, and I can’t seem to change that either. I need for the photo shown in the gallery on airtable to match the one shown on the website.

Hey @thegoobear, can you please share screenshots of the images in your airtable and Softr? They should not be displayed in Softr in the reversed order :confused:

I’m attaching screenshots below. You’ll notice that Ellie picture in Softr is the last photo in the cell, while the Airtable interface displays the first photo.


Airtable Data

Airtable Interface