Select all tags / categories as a filter in "Inline Filters"

A box to select all options as a filter in “Inline Filters”
Context: For example, I am trying to add multiple payment system types to my resource directory. However, only the first four were available in the drop down menu when I previewed the site. It took me 10 minutes to figure out why only 4 out of around 20 categories were visible when I previewed my site.

Request Check All


Annoying and a “gotcha” if you don’t catch it!

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Yep, this should be fixed sooner rather than later. Quality of life kind of thing.

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Another big problem is that if you have lots of options (say 20+), it is very tedious to add them one by one. The default behavior should be to add all options and the site admin then should be able to configure the filter to limit it to a number of options.