Select 'All' filters as an option in inline filters

Sometimes I find it’s not intuitive to ‘unselect’ one by one all filters on the inline filter tabs to be able to show ALL listings (i.e. not have a filter applied).

is there any way to have an “All” filter/option which would show all listings? Or would I have to set my Airtable base up so that all listings have an ‘All’ category as well as whatever category they might actually belong to, so that all listing would show if ‘All’ category is selected?


You are right, it makes no sense.

Dear @datom,

Thanks for your feedback, I will add this as a feature request.


If I have an airtable field that is a list of 220+ countries and users can select a country…do I have any workaround other than to manually click on all 220 countries!?

Does anyone have any solutions here? I’m sure I must be doing something wrong. I can’t imagine I need to manually update the filters to select dozens of options. Feels like a ‘select all’ option must be table stakes, no?

Hey @gyerxa,

We are working on releasing Autosync option and I assume that it should cover this case as well.

Thanks Suzie - any estimate on timing or where that falls on the roadmap? I have a use case that requires sorting and filtering on a large amount of information, and this is a huge unlock for me!