Seeking Advice: Restricting Filter Options Based on User's Associated Records in Softr

Hello Softr Community,

I hope this message finds everyone in good health and high spirits. I’ve been working on a project where I’m using Softr as a no-code development platform, and I’ve come across a challenge that I’m hoping to find a solution for with your help.

Here’s a rundown of my situation:

I have a table which displays data, filtered using a conditional list filter, specific to the currently logged-in user. In this data set, each data point (or review, to be more specific) is associated with both a user and a company (from another related table).

The issue I’m facing is with the filter that I’ve set for the company. While this filter works well in fetching the relevant data from Airtable, it does not restrict visibility based on user-specific data. As it stands now, every user can see the companies associated with other users, which is not the intended behavior.

The functionality I’m hoping to achieve is somewhat akin to “tenancy for filters”, or perhaps a setting within the filter that would restrict the display of options to those pertinent to the current view/user. In other words, I want the filter to only show the companies associated with the current user.

If anyone has faced a similar issue or has any guidance on how to implement this user-specific filter, I’d be immensely grateful for your insights. I feel that such a feature could greatly enhance the personalization and privacy of the data being presented to each user.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. Looking forward to your insightful suggestions and creative workarounds!


Hi Simon, have you used our conditional filter twice on the same block to add 2 filters with the “AND” condition?

Hey @Marine.Hovhannisyan ,

Did you get my problem?

Also with 2 Conditional Filters ALL Filteroptions are available, also the ones that are from other customers.

Best Simon

Yep, I got your issue now. Can you please send a loom video recording showing the issue so that I can reproduce it and find out why the conditional filter is not working as it should?

The Problem is that i want to only sho filteroptions that are associated with the User and not filteroptions that are created from other Users.

Currently all Filteroptions (Companies) are shown, also the ones that are generated by others.