Seeking Advice: Restricting Filter Options Based on User's Associated Records in Softr

Hello Softr Community,

I hope this message finds everyone in good health and high spirits. I’ve been working on a project where I’m using Softr as a no-code development platform, and I’ve come across a challenge that I’m hoping to find a solution for with your help.

Here’s a rundown of my situation:

I have a table which displays data, filtered using a conditional list filter, specific to the currently logged-in user. In this data set, each data point (or review, to be more specific) is associated with both a user and a company (from another related table).

The issue I’m facing is with the filter that I’ve set for the company. While this filter works well in fetching the relevant data from Airtable, it does not restrict visibility based on user-specific data. As it stands now, every user can see the companies associated with other users, which is not the intended behavior.

The functionality I’m hoping to achieve is somewhat akin to “tenancy for filters”, or perhaps a setting within the filter that would restrict the display of options to those pertinent to the current view/user. In other words, I want the filter to only show the companies associated with the current user.

If anyone has faced a similar issue or has any guidance on how to implement this user-specific filter, I’d be immensely grateful for your insights. I feel that such a feature could greatly enhance the personalization and privacy of the data being presented to each user.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. Looking forward to your insightful suggestions and creative workarounds!


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I have the same issue. I just want to see a filter via a grandchild relationship. i.e filter by employees based on the same company as the logged in user. The main filter for the list works this way and now it would be fab if the filter had the same… filter.

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Yes, this would be nice.

Currently, I am really stuck and cannot develop my product further with softr.

Does anyone know a workaround?

Hi Simon! We achieve this by using lookup fields in Airtable on the data object that we want to filter it to, and then conditional filtering in Softr.

For example, we have a table (called Deals) where each record is uniquely connected to a Companies table and a Companies table. On one page, we only want for the logged-in user to see Deals that pertain to the Company they belong to. Because the Deal (in this situation) is not directly linked to the Contacts that we want, we do the following -

  • Create a lookup field in your Companies table to lookup the email addresses of the Contacts that are linked to that Company.
  • Create a lookup field in your [Deals/Specific Records] table to lookup the same field that you just created (Associated Company’s Contacts’ Email Addresses).
  • From there, you can see the email addresses in the same row as the specific data field. In Softr, your conditional filtering will be ‘Logged In User’s Email is one of Associated Company’s Contacts’ Email Addresses’.
  • The same logic can be applied to looking at a list of Companies that the user might belong to.

I hope I’ve answered this clearly! We use this functionality a ton and constantly throughout our portal. This guy is helpful too. Feel free to message with any questions!!


Lookup fields in Airtable are quite annoying. I wish it could just filter based on actual values. But good to see this is possible.

@mscroggin Thanks for your Message. But if i understood what you are saying, this is not solving my problem.

You are describing the simple conditional filter on Data that is shown in Tables.

But my Problem is about seeing/ not seeing filter Values for specific users.

For Example in your UseCase:

Imagine, that 1 user belongs to more than 1 Company and every company has deals.

Now the User want a Table in Softr with all the Deals where they can filter by their Companies.
Here my problem will appear: The user now sees every Company for a filter option, also Companies that doesnt belong to him.

Do you understand my problem? Or did i didnt get it at all?

Best Simon

Just got on looking for the answer to the same question. I am able to limit the results that show in a list view based off of a match between the active users email and a lookup field where I store the link to the users email. BUT - I cannot limit the selections in a drop box to only show records that are relevant to the user. This is a HUGE issue. That means that there is no control over hidden content in a user form. Something I think should def be fixed.

Thanks for the confirm.

I hope someone will look into it as soon as possible.

Is there any movement on filtering the filters?