See current users in user group

Hey there!

I just thought it might be SUPER useful to show, in the user group settings, the list of users that currently match the criteria chosen for that group. The main use case is debugging: I’m losing a lot of time playing with the user groups rules, visibility settings for blocks and preview mode just to see if I’m impacting the right users. Hope there isn’t a better way and I just missed it, lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope it helps!

Loving Softr so far.


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Hi @funkycoldmedina, did I understand correctly that if the users meet the conditions of the user groups, do you want the user group to be displayed for each user in the Users tab?

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Yes, that sounds like a great approach. You could also add a button like “See users in this group” within the user group settings.

Overall the idea is to show who belongs to each group based on the rules, for debugging purposes.

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@funkycoldmedina I got you. Will add it as a feature request


Can I upvote this? I really need this feature!

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