Security issue?

With a client, I face an issue. When I go to the console I can see all of the actions with a lot of personal info is that normal?

Hi, great question!

To answer your question: yes, it’s normal.

Do you have a client who is asking about this? Can you share any more details about what their specific concerns are? Or your concerns?

I mean I know it’s normal, but do you guys faced an issue when it’s come to log in user ?

I’m building a marketplace, and I’m concerned about the fact that all of the data from the console is available from anyone even when user are not log in.

For example I saw within the console the creator of a record and it retrieves some personal informations stocked in the DBB which truly problematic.

@Arthur_Soustelle if in your marketplace you list public dataset please make sure it doesn’t include personal info in the same table. You can link and keep sensitive info on the linked table.