Searching Blocks on my Dashboard Page/Block Updates

In the customer portal my company is building, we have a template block that we duplicate and customize data sources for. As of right now, we have four customers and 2-3 blocks per customer that needs different data sources because the information we are providing is curated to a very specific set of parameters (AirTable is our relational database). 2 questions here –

1 - I name each block by customer + page functionality (brandxxx-accountinfo) . Is there a way to search for specific blocks on page? Right now – I only have four blocks to scroll through per customer page. Not a big deal, but by the end of the year we are aiming for 500+ customers. Softr allows us to name blocks, is there a way to search for and go specifically to that block?

2 - Is there a way to mass update a blocks detail? For example, what if I need to change the name of an Item Field, or even the source that field pulls from (content), for all blocks that were duplicated from the master template? I am talking about blocks on a single page in Softr. I am not talking about a mass update to all blocks on my workspace/customer portal/website.

Or is there custome code to help with either of the above???

I apologize if these topics have been covered – I just looked and I am still new to the Softr community. Thank you in advance.

Hi @Abbrown23 unfortunately there are no such features available in Softr yet but I will add them as feature requests :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you.

That’s a bummer, and my hope is that searching blocks and mass updating block fields within a page can be figured out before my customer load becomes too unwieldy.

Hi @Abbrown23,

Quick question: we usually use Conditional filters to show the right data to the right user. E.g. based on Logged-in user data. Do you create a block per customer because you want to show different fields? (e.g. You show date field to one customer and do not show it to another?

Sorry for the late reply here. I have been on vacation and on the road for work for the last several weeks.

The data we are pushing out to customers is very specific and customizable based upon the region (PNW vs NorCal vs up to 9 regions and combos of said regions) of targeted data and type of data (ie 200+ different grocery categories). So right now, we are building a very specific block per customer as with all the possible data parameters and combos above would yield 1,0000s of unique blocks. For me, it would be ideal if I had a a way to search blocks by name (I have an in house naming convention I follow).

It is possible I am tackling this problem wrong - I am fairly new to Softr, and I am unsure how to push out very customizable data to a customer. The only way I could come up with is a block per customer. Their data is hooked to a filtered view in AT.

Hi @Abbrown23

Hoping in here, maybe I can be of assistance.

The goal here would be to build a dynamic block that can handle a use case for each of your clients. By using a dynamic block such as a detail block, you set the format that you’d like, and then using some data restrictions you can make it so the user only sees their data with their block (and this applies to each of your users). So no need to create thousands of blocks.

If you need to show different types of information, you can use visiblity sets matched with user groups to show and hide a handful of block details to ensure you’re showing the data in the right format, to the right customer. But again, no need to create a block for each customer - that’s the beautiful part of using dynamic blocks as it pulls the data from your database to populate these blocks!

Let me know if I am missing the mark here. Otherwise, I hope this helps!

Hi! We are currently using dynamic blocks. Unfortunately, it is not meeting our current demands for the very curated information we had planned on pushing out to our customers. The thing is there are 1,000’s of possible different combinations of curated data that can be pushed out - and we are assigning visibility by user groups, the thing is, because the data is so customizable, I have yet to push out the same type of data to the customer.

I think my company will need rethink their product package so that data blocks become more manageable. Thanks for the reply.

I see. I’d be happy to hop on a call with you to learn more about your use case, and see how I might help? If interested, you can find a time here: Notion Calendar