Search Multiple Tables?

Can Softr search multiple airtable tables in one search?

I am trying to run a conflict of interest check, and have all unique clients listed in one table, and all unique opposing parties in a different table (can’t be in the same one because some clients have had multiple consults concerning different opposing parties, and I’ve also had a few times where different clients have consulted about the same opposing party at times).

Ideally, my staff would type in a name and it would search both client and opposing party tables simultaneously. Or I’d be happy to create a view, but can’t really figure out a graceful way to combine two different types of people (clients vs opposing parties) in the same table or view.

Thanks, Carl.

Hey CarlG,

asked myself the same question. Didn’t find a way to do it.

You could create an airtable automation, though.

Basically, an automation that joins clients and unique parties in one table after a record is created. Then you only search that joined table.

Would have to need a bit more information about your data structure to specifically tell you how, though.

I agree, if I were trying to do this I would use an Airtable automation that ran on every update to either table, and maintained a single separate table that Softr could access.

My data is in three tables:

  1. Client table - has fields with name/contact information, and, eventually, information about the consults in rollup fields.

  2. Other Party table - name and more limited contact information.

  3. Consult table - has a bunch of fields relating to the time/place/manner of the consults, links to Jotform, etc.

I’m not sure what specific information may be helpful, but for a combined table, I would be looking to include primarily client and other party names and ID#s.

Thanks for any tips on how best to manage this.


Can you be more specific about what kinds of tips would be most helpful?

dcoletta - per my original question, I’m looking for any help on how to combine client and other party names from two different tables into one table for Softr to search. So the tips would be trying to point me in the right direction on automation, if that’s the way to accomplish it.

Yes, I got that - I just meant that without knowing what you have already tried or where you might be stuck, it’s hard to guess about what more specific advice to give.

What have you already tried of the advice above, and where did you get stuck?

For example, do you need help writing an Airtable automation? Or did you get that part done but aren’t sure how to search the combined table? Or maybe you are looking for an outline of steps? Let me know.

I’m guessing there is not easy “off the shelf” method to simply add cells from one table to the bottom of the other? I have no experience with Airtable automations other than a bit of minor experimenting (I use Zapier for automation), and ). So other than looking at the built-in automations to see no obvious candidates, I’ve not tried anything further.

Thanks for your feedback, but if the solution is too complex, then I will likely find a different workaround - either having both sets of names in the same table, or continue to have the staff simply search the “consult” tab, and just plow through the duplicates.


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