Search Module + Send parameters through URL

Hi everyone,

I wish to build an alternative UX for making a research. Unlike the current solution that consists in applying filters (in line filters…) to a full list of items, I wish to create a more “Market place experience” such as Arbnb. Or like booking a flight.

Visually, think about a Hero section, with different fields available to complete in order to launch a research.

I wish to display a search box, where people can fill several search input that can be of different types. Such as:

  • Date Range: example between 1/1/2023 - 31/12/2023
  • Option selection. exemple: offline or online
  • Key words in search bar
  • Address

Once the inputs completed, the user can click on a button “See result”.
He will then be sent to another (could be the same page), where he will see the list of results.

I know it is currently possible to apply filters using URL parameters.

I was wondering, once the search button clicked, if is possible to send those search parameters into the URL and send the user to the result page.

If not this exact scenario something similar.

Thanks for your help