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Looking for any idea on how to find user data, like which clients they are assigned to, so that when they go to a form, they have the ability to add information/fields to specific clients while not being able to choose from ALL clients in the database.

Any help on this would be amazing.

Hi @JamesT - The place to start is with your database tables. Take Softr out of the picture for a second: if all I had were the database tables, how would I answer the question “which clients is this user assigned to?”

If the answer to that question is not immediately available from looking at a user record, then that’s the first thing you’ll need to address.

If it is, then plesae post here in more detail how to tell what clients a user is assigned to from looking at the database.

Yes, there is a column for clients that are assigned to the user record.

I’m not sure how to use softr to find that information in order to show them their options on a form.

“there is a column for clients that are assigned to the user record” - I’m not sure what this means. What it could mean is that you have a clients table and a users table, and the users table has a linked field that contains a list of links to the records in the clients table.

Is my guess correct?

Right, correct

It links to a separate table that has the clients and then we assign those to users.

Would like to have the user to be able to go onto a form, the form pull which clients are attached to the user record so that when the user submits a form they can choose only between the clients they are assigned.

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OK, great. It sounds like your database tables are set up in a way that will work.

Now please take a look at the documentation for Softr’s handling of linked lists, and see if it’s a little clearer what you need to do.

No, that doesn’t help.

This is for a form.

Conditional filters don’t work to filter out choices from a dropdown menu.

Bumping for any help or anyone that’s found a solution for something like that.

I’ve been discussing something similar with Softr support, namely, the ability to AUTOMATICALLY populate an inline filter within a Softr list block from options listed in an airtable table field, ie, show only the options to user X that are listed in their individual “options” field. The best answer I’ve gotten so far is that this feature is comming “soon” in “Forms 2.0” but I don’t know an ETA on that.

But is that the feature you mean?
Echoing you, if anyone knows how to fake-it till they make-it, sound off and thanks 1000!


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Yes, this is exactly what I’m looking for.

Without it, it makes it very difficult to have a complex system on softr.

Thank you, Damo!

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As @DamoNomad mentioned the feature will be available with Form 2.0 release if everything goes as planned the feature will be available in Q1 2023.