Search Filter for Charts and "Dynamic Search Element Block"

I’d like to request a new feature for charts: The ability to search and filter charts just like we can in table elements, so using search bar placed above the chart or filters (tags or dropdown).

Another - even better - great feature would be to have a “dynamic search block” that the app user can use to filter ALL elements (tables and charts) in the page based on a specific data field.




Thanks for sharing the feature request with us. I will add it to the list, hope they will be implemented soon.

Need this right now too! (A map block with filters that are parsed to a list block)

Was thinking in the direction of event listeners but that’s above my coding skills at the moment……

If anyone knows a solution for now :heart:

Hi there,
Right now my work around is to filter in airtable (my data source) and create a new view and then specify that view in softr.

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Thing then is that this won’t give full page consistent filters (for all blocks on that page with the same setup). So with this workaround we still can’t offer app users the option to filter.