Search field to detailed page


I would love to create a search form (field + button). And when entering the right reference, you go directly to the detail page with the result.

As an alternative for that, I now use the “List with horizontal sliding cards” :


Hi @edwinvdg and welcome to the community!

I’m assuming you are asking about the search field in the List block, which is really the only search function that Softr supports today.

There’s no way to change the default search behavior without writing some custom code. I think what you want is custom code that looks to see if there is exactly one result in the search, and if so, opens that page.


  • What would you want it to do if there is more than one result in the search list?
  • Is it ok if, when the user makes a typo and lands on the wrong page as a result, they have to click the Back button or something like that in order to fix their error?
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Hey, @dcoletta thanks. And thanks for your quick response.

Ah custom code is a little bit too far out of my reach for now.

Good questions, my answers would be:

  • Do nothing. Only go to that page if there is only one result
  • Yeah, that’s ok.