Scroll to a section with button and a recordId on the page

Hi Softr team

The bug must have been reported several times but urgent to fix it: when you have, for example, a cta with a scroll to section button inside a page that has a recordId (scroll within the same page), It reloads the page. So the recordID is lost.

It complicates a lot the UX possibilities.

So bug report + feature request = a “scroll to” action that actually scrolls and doesn’t reload the page (with or without a recordId in its url parameter) :pray:

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Yes, this has been reported at least a couple of times on the Slack workspace. See Slack for an example.

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We will aim to address this in the coming week.


@matthieu_chateau @dcoletta this should be fixed.

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It works! Thanks a lot Artur!

Ang glad to see there is an XL version of modal!
The only thing that should be fixed for modal (whatever the size) is the two scroll bars (on desktop view) that makes it ugly and not natural to scroll.

But anyway, good improvement!!

Trying to improve scrolls too :slight_smile:

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