Scroll to a filtered record from an item button or from a "text" field

What i’m trying to achieve is to link or scroll to a related record from an item.
for instance, in a typical book->author relation, link to the book’s author page from the book record, where i can to show an author details page with all the author’s books.
Another example: in a typical post->tags relation, link to a tag’s page where all the post tagged with that specific tag are listed.
I’ve already tried with an action button which scrolls to the author’s details page, but it doesn’t filter by the author, just shows the first author details record in the db.


Hello, i will reply myself.
The way to achieve this is by an item button at the record from what we want to filter. This has to lead to an “open details page” with a header and a details blocks, the details one filtered by the header content.
hope this helps to other folks.