Scroll issues with Kanban

Hi all, just wondering if anyone has a suggestion for this. We use Kanban view to assess artworks. Last year, this worked fine but this year we have scrolling issues. If we scroll down a Kanban view column and then drag an item across to another column, the focus snaps to the location of the dragged item. This means you lose your position in the column that you were viewing. This is different to last year (and also to the Kanban view in Stacker which we used to use).

In addition, we now have two scroll bars in Kanban view: one scrolls the whole app window and the other the columns within the Kanban block. This is unlike a list block, where we have only one scroll bar (as I would expect). I don’t seem able to adjust the app settings to prevent this dual scroll bar.

Here’s a video that shows the Softr scroll focus and scroll bars issue.

Here’s a video that shows a solution where focus is not lost. NB it also shows the number of records in each column, but I’m not sure that’s possible in Softr which has live updating and can’t get data set numbers from the Airtable API.

Do hope this makes sense and any thoughts gratefully appreciated.