Scrap Upwork jobs into Softr web app


I would like to scrap jobs from Upwork into an Airtable base which will leter be displayed on my Softr web app. The idea is to get automated job alerts from two different job tags (Softr & Airtable) with out logging into Upwork and filtering the job search. Attachec is a sketch of the workflow I have in mind.

Hey @KilifiWebGuru, as Upwork and Airtable do not have direct integrations, you will need to connect them using a 3rd party integration and then you can display the data from Airtable to Softr.

Here is one way of connecting Upwork to Airtable using Zapier: Connect your Airtable to Upwork integration in 2 minutes | Zapier

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I build sites that scrape and send data into airtable. The automated alerts will have to be from a different service, but you can use airtable / softr as components of your site.

I figured a way to scrap with make and send that data to a softr web app. You are free to check it out
The DB is airtable. I am curious how much can be done in terms of building a job board. I am trying to configure Mail liter so that people can sub to the newsletter etc.