Run webhook with update button

Please could you help me. I need to run a webhook (on Make) when i click button an specific update record on Softr.


Hi @MGomez,

Are you using Airtable? If so, you can create an automation that runs ‘When record updated’.
The script you run can be simple, like this:

Hi @thijs
Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I am using airtable, then when running the webhook I would send a command to Make to check the uploaded file by using ChatGPT.


Hi @MGomez,

If I understand correctly you ask me how to initiate ChatGPT…
The screen print of the automation (and script) I shared above is all you need to enable Make to do whatever you like. In my case I use Make to search for the record-id to get more info and then send a confirmation e-mail (and finally update Airtable that a confirmation e-mail has been sent) - which looks something like the screen print below. In your case you would do something with ChatGPT (but I’m not familiar with that).

Hi @thijs

Yes, something similar I want to do with ChatGPT.
Thanks for your collaboration.