Rich text formatting (Airtable to Softr)

Hi, I’m using Softr with Airtable

I have set some Airtable fields to rich text format and I’m able to format data there (screenshot 1).

But same data in Softr doesn’t display the required formatting (screenshot2).

Is it possible to acheive this?


Hey @danm,

Can you please make sure the Rich Text formatting is enable for the Long Text field in Airtable?

Screen Shot 2022-08-02 at 16.06.06



I experience the same issue. In Airtable rich text, formatting is activated, and the field in the card-list is rich text as well but it bullet points for example aren’t shown.

Screenshot 2022-11-09 at 09.09.19

In editing mode it is displayed correctly though.

Hey @myless,

Can I please ask you to check if you have any spaces added at the beginning or at the end of the formatted words?

In general, we are aware of the issue and have it in our to-do task.

Checked it. Nothing. It’s also a thing that is always happening with that element.

This is happening to me as well! I really would like to be able to use bullet points for my rich text with the dynamic list block!

What I’m seeing is that you get different results for headers and bullets depending on whether you’re rendering the Airtable field as “Text” or “Rich Text” in Softr, and different results depending on whether you’re in a List block or a List Details block. Here a quick video I made that illustrates what works and doesn’t work.

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Thanks so much for taking time to make this video @dcoletta :slight_smile:

Hi! I too have rich text in airtable (enabled as suggested) and am pushing it to softr rich text fields.

A quite annoying issue is that line spaces in airtable are not showing in softr. This is a big formatting issue.

I wonder am I doing something wrong or is this a feature for everyone?

Thank you for any help.

Hi @thomasoliver and welcome to the community!

I haven’t seen any problems with line spaces in an Airtable Long Text field that has rich text formatting turned on.

So it’s definitely not a problem for everyone!

Can you post some screen shots or a screen recording that shows the problem?

Ty @dcoletta for your help!

I input text, with line spaces, into a long text airtable field with rich text formatting enabled…

… which produces the effect shown in the screenshot. The output in an inbox block rich text field (see there are no line spaces).

What do you think?

@dcoletta Hi David - did you manage to have a look at this?

We will be checking this soon. The problem is Airtable is not using standard Markdown for richtext. They use some custom form of a Markdown which is hard to replicate as we don’t know their implementation and need to rely on standard Markdown. We will try to reverse engineer and see if we can improve this.

From Airtable Website:


Thank you very much

Hi @artur - you probably already are aware of this but I found most of my problems were because a Softr Rich Text field won’t display a Airtable Rich Text field if the Airtable Rich Text field is actually a ‘lookup’ field.

EG. Airtable Table: FAQ
Field Name: Answers
Field Type: Rich Text with Rich Text Formatting enabled

  • :+1: this displays perfectly for display blocks (except it does not work in the Inbox Block Display Type)

However if I go to a different table, eg:
Airtable Table: Services
Field Name: Answers
Field Type: Lookup (Lookup Base: FAQ & Field Name: Answer).

  • This display doesn’t work in a Rich text field on Softr.

Because Airtable doesn’t actually support a rich text lookup field. :unamused:

Anyway so I’m reconfiguring my base to display differently. Just an FYI in case anyone is frustrated by rich text field display.

@rebeccajane thanks a lot for the feedback I will pass to the team! We will see what we can do to fix :slight_smile:

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Hi @artur - wanted to check in about the above and any potential workarounds for this?