Revert to no selection without clicking on selected again

I have some filters which users can select multiple options, e.g. countries, when they are searching for another user. However, it seems that to go back to no selection, you have to select all selected options again. This is not very intuitive. My options are synced with a database. Is there a way to revert the selections with one click? Can be for each filter individually.

Hello @awilson,

Yes, for now this is how it works, but we have this as a planned upcoming feature :slight_smile:

ok great thanks! do you know when it’s expected to be available? and is is possible to add a box explaining to users that they need to unclick their selections somehow?

I cannot mention any estimation though @awilson, I’ll check if there is a way to show the users to unselect :slight_smile:

Need to run a couple of tests.