Return to previous page on login / register

When people register or login, you can specify the page they then go to, but is there a way to let them return to where they were previously? ie, the page on which they clicked “login” or “register”

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Here is the workaround:

Create a page where “you’re signed up, please wait for 3 seconds, you will redirected to your previous page” or “you’re loggedin, please wait for 3 seconds, you will be redirected to your previous page” is written (or whatever you want, it must clearly explain that nothing has to be done by the user. I suggest to remove any header or footer too)

In this newly created page insert this code in the footer of the code settings of the page:

  setTimeout(function() {
  }, 4000);

The script makes the user going back 2 pages before the “you’re signed up / logged in” page
Fell free to reduce the 4000 (milliseconds) to 2000 or even 1500

Any help for the setup, just reply and I will see what I can do

@Suzie This is a highly requested feature to be native! :grimacing:

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Thank you. We currently have login and register pages set to open in a new tab so users don’t lose their place, but they have come to expect the “return me to where I was” UX.

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Great, Thanks matthieu !

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