Retrieve the status of a user's group using a custom script

Hello everyone,

Is there a way to retrieve the status of a user’s group using a custom script, possibly with a command like window.logged_in_user[‘the_user_group’]?

I’m looking to have better control over my user groups, but it seems the Softr studio’s GUI doesn’t provide an option to view this directly on the User Group page. I need to use console.log to ensure my app is functioning as intended.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi Lea,

Not possible yet, though Softr is considering to release such feature for custom scripts.

Anyway, even if it is not possible yet to do it directly; it is possible to perform it indirectly by using the already existing window. logged in user. You would just need to reproduce the conditions of the user group with the window. Logged in user.

I made a setup/script for one of the No-code France member who had the exact same inquiry = totally doable.

What would be so good, and so simple for the Softr teams, is an automatic export of this script from the user group page… @artur @Suzie, copying everything by hand for dozens of groups is so tiresome

Thank you for the answer Matthieu, always on the cutting edge :handshake:

Moreover, for debugging, it is not optimal, I would save so much time with a console.log of the user group @artur