Retrieve search queries - Inbox block

Hello everyone, in order to make my product more qualitative and adapt it to my customers, I would like to retrieve the search queries when the Inbox Block displays “No results found”, i.e. when I have not results to offer.

I’ve seen changes in the DOM with some div disappearing, but I don’t know how to get that back. an idea ? Behind I would like to do some statistics in order to know what is the next content to develop

Btw, I found this topic without solution

Thanks :slight_smile:

Someone would have any idea ? Thanks :slight_smile:

@lea this might help you I think Event Listener for Dynamic Lists (React Version) - #3 by artur

Thanks for answer @artur, but I’m not doing it by myself. I’ll wait for a more experienced user to come along

I’d be interested in capturing search terms that lead to a 0-result too; in an ideal world they’d be tracked as such in GA, but that might require a query parameter in the URL. Following this topic in case a solution without too much custom coding comes up!