Restrictions on the size of files users can upload

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I want to put a restriction on the size of the file a user can upload. Does anyone have a way of doing this? I am asking users to upload images for a marketplace and those images will be used across the site. At the moment they can upload up to 64MB which is way too high and makes the site very slow.



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Bumping this in case there is a way…

Ideally we could limit file sizes at the softr-form level, perhaps with some custom code?

At this time, I’ve been having to go through another 3rd party form like cognitoforms which allows restrictions on file size and file types at the submission level. I then use a series of automations to get it back into airtable and how I want. But it can become convoluted and does not solve for the update record scenario.

I want people to ‘update’ a record with a couple of new photos - but have a restriction on the size of the photos (and ideally file types).

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