Restrict field values when adding or editing records


I have a table block built using an airtable Table. Some of the fields in the Table are linked records to other tables.

When I add a record or edit an existing record in the table block, I want to be able to restrict the choices available to the user on this linked record field. I can use the dropdown option in the action windows but it shows all the existing values in that field. I want to be able to use a view or a logic to pick up a valid list of values for this field. The basic requirement is a dynamic “list of values (LOV)” based on a lookup table different from the table in the table block (typically it’ll be the linked table for that field) and the values in the LOV restricted based on certain conditions.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Hi @BB-Bacuti currently, you can have separate List blocks with different visibilities, each connected to a separate view. You can then map the linked record with limited selection to an action button dropdown field and show only the limited selection on each block.

However, we are planning to have a conditional filter on dropdowns next year.

Thanks @Maria for the response. The view option doesn’t work for me as I need the LOV to be dynamic based on other fields in the record.

Any idea on the timing of this feature availability next year. January by any chance? :grin:

We’re all anxiously awaiting this one!

Hi @Maria
Any update on the timeline for this feature?

Hey folks,

I think Data restrictions should solve your issue: Global data restrictions – Softr Help Docs


Hi @artur

Thanks. This is a step in the direction, but not fully there. I need to be able to provide a custom filter for what values are acceptable in a field based on the values in some other fields and tables

Hi @Maria

Do you know when this functionality will be available?

I think that this is a desperately needed feature as adding new records is severely limited by the lack of this functionality.

From the other comments here, I am definitely not alone in needing this functionality.