Restrict dropdown in embedded form

Hi guys,

I’m creating a client portal using AirTable / Softr. We have an airtable with a list of tasks for several different projects for different clients which we have ongoing.

I’d like for our clients to be able to create new tasks if they want to, so I created a form which maps to the tasks in the AirTable.

So far so good.

However, as it is right now, a client can create a task in any project, or else, if the project is empty, the task won’t be assigned correctly. Is there a way to allow the “Project” dropdown to be restricted to only the projects that client owns.


Forms do not allow any filtering for dynamic options, but here is what you could do:

  1. Make a page listing all of the records from your table projects. (list block)
  2. Make sure these records can only be accessible by owners by adding (CONDITIONAL FILTERS)
  3. Add a list details block to render one page per each of the records from your first list block
  4. On that same page (list details block) add a form block with the fields for adding a new task to project.
  5. On that form pass the record ID of the listed item (the project id) via hidden field type. use value ( {LOGGED_IN_USER:AT_RECORD_ID})

Now the new entry for adding a task, should be assigned to the right project id.

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Thanks for your reply, I will try this out.

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