Responsive design issues. Workarounds?


Currently when you make a list with vertical cards and tag filtering, there’s a few responsive issues:

  1. When using inline filtering with 4 or more tags, the tag options turn into a slider. Is it possible to keep the tags in the mobile screen somehow, instead of it becoming a slider? I know I can use the dropdown menu, but that’s not what I’m looking for (See attached image)

  2. On tablet, with 3 or more cards displaying in the same list, the cards become elongated and looks weird. Is it possible to display 1 or 2 cards instead of cramming 3 cards into the tablet display? And if it isnt, can we customize the text size for tablets only with code? (See attached image)

Hey @Jondekh, thanks for mentioning the points.

  1. this is how our app is currently working as mobile screens are small-sized and we need to fit all the tags in the screen. But, I will add your message as a suggestion to make it possible to display the tags without a slider too.

  2. Nope, it is not possible to make 1 or 2 carts visible per page on tablets. But, if you let me know which field setting you are referring to about changing the text size, I will help you change it.

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Ok, thank you.

  1. Is it possible to use color codes for the tags in the dropdown menu option?

  2. The title (Name) field

I’ve had similar requests from my users. Back in like October/November, I was building a page that required A LOT of tags (for a large org with ~40 locations, wanted the icons for quick filtering vs using drop down). My old workaround on desktop to avoid a scroll was to create 3-4 identical filters and only add the # of location tags that would fit on one line.

Softr updated that feature so I could add all tags and just have it automatically stack/arrange those without a scroll bar on desktop so now I only have 1 fiter setting :slight_smile: If we could configure mobile to treat the tags in the same way (stack em, dont scroll em!) I think that would be a great improvement!

Having to scroll the page up/down to select the right tag is still less cumbersome than scrolling on the bar left-right on mobile, and in certain cases I think users prefer that view as opposed to scrolling tags in the list (vs bubbles) Sorry my UI vocab is lacking, clearly haha. Hopefully what I’m trying to explain makes sense :sweat_smile:

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