Reset Password – Link to 404-Page

Hi guys,

when I click the link in the reset-password-mail

I get the following 404-page.

I assume that the reason for this is caused by this page, where I started creating the forms for sign up, sign in, forgot password and reset password.

After creating this page I copied this page four times and deleted three of those four forms in each one.

Is that the reason why registrierung-veranstalter is still active in the URL?

How can I change this?

Best regards,

P.S.: Is it possible to edit the reset-password-mail?
My clients are germans … :wink:

Hey @Martin, have you published the app after you added and deleted the blocks?

Considering your question about customising the reset password email content (including translating it), currently, we do not have such a feature but we are planning to add it in the future.

Hi Marine,

yes, after adding blocks, copying the page and deleting the blocks on every copied page, I signed in and tested everything as a user …

Then, can you please share the URL for me to check it from my side too?

sure :slight_smile:


Hi @Martin, looks like the page is disabled, that’s why it drops 404. Can you check that on your end?

Here’s where you can find the “disable” button:

Hi David,

I know that this page was disabled. I don’t wanted any visitor seeing a page where all four forms are visible as shown above …

Now I deleted that page.
And I tried to reset the password again.

So I got another link in the email, too.

But unfortunately I just see a blank white page … :thinking:

The URL:

Hi @Martin , thanks for the screenshot.

I see this when I proceed with that link:

Is there a chance you click on that link while you are already logged into the web app? I think the block is set to be invisible to the logged in users (which makes sense), that’s why you don’t see it.

Can you try using the link in an Incognito window or a different browser to double-check this?

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Thank you DavidM,

that was right.
I got it.

Best regards