Request user data in 2 different moments

Hello guys,

On my platform i have 2 different kind of users

  • Free User
  • Paid User

For the free user, only a very few infos are needed, but when a user becomes paid, i need to collect some additional infos (Like Address, Birth Place).

How could i do it so that the Airtable table gets updated before the payment is made by the user?

Thanks everyone for the help


Are you going to get the data through a form? I assume so, since you mentioned you are going to collect the data.


Yeah. Initally through the standard sign up form available on Softr, and than i would need to understand how to collect the other infos i need before the customer pays for the paid plan

Anyone has ever had this need?

Thanks for your help

I received your request :+1:

Request solved thanks to Matthieu. Can’t reccomend him enough. Fast and reliable, saved so much time thanks for his help with my custom request.