Request for Synced Block Option

I would like to address a feature request that I believe would greatly enhance the functionality and productivity of our beloved Softr platform. Inspired by the capabilities of, I would like to propose the addition of a Synced Block option to Softr.

As you may already know, Notion’s Synced Blocks feature allows users to seamlessly synchronize content blocks across multiple locations. With this powerful feature, one can edit these instances simultaneously, saving time and effort. It eliminates the need for repetitive edits across various sections of a project and ensures consistency throughout.

With Synced Blocks, we could avoid the hassle of editing the same blocks separately in different places within our projects. Instead, changes made to a synced block would be automatically reflected across all its instances.



Hi @lea, thank you very much for the feature request. Indeed, it will shorten the time spent on editing blocks and changing them later on. Noted and added to our suggestions list (and informed the Product Mangers team as well).

+1 for this. The amount of time spent mapping same blocks throughout an app is significant and this would dramatically improve build time.

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We discussed and I think we will do this in Q3

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better late than never :fire: thanks

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