Replace File Upload with API


I am building an external contractor portal with Softr / Airtable and so far it’s working brillliantly. We work with outside contractors to produce visual effects assets, and we use the portal to recruit, onboard and project management them.

One aspect of this that I am a bit stuck on is large file uploading. These can be LARGE files. Like 100GB+ files for 3D volumetric simulation file sequences. To handle this, we use another provider called MASV, which specializes in extremely large file transfers like this. Currently, my solution is to use a janky iframe from MASV and just shoe-horn it into a page.

What I am trying to wrap my head around is how to spec this out for our engineering staff so that I can hook the MASV API into Softr. For any given project that contractors create, the have a dedicated details page with the project name, type, sample images, description, etc. There is an edit button there, and they can change/upload everything. What would be ideal is if I could simply replace the existing Softr file upload dialog that is built in and swap it with an API based upload.

If that isn’t possible, it feels like I’d have to completely recreate the project details edit page just so I can add a custom file upload dialog.

Is there an in-between that I am not thinking of?