Removing Users from a Multi Select

Curious to know if anyone has a suggestion on how to allow users to remove themselves from a multi-select / linked record field. For example. I have two lists, a users list and a list of products, when reviewing the list of products, the person can open a details page and review more detailed information. If they like the product, I have a One click update that adds their User Record ID into a Linked record field which will make that item appear in their own custom ‘my products list’. In the background, there could be hundreds of people who link that product to their user ID. How can I allow the person to unlink themselves from that linked field without deleting the product or other linked user?

I’ve found my own extremely clunky workaround to this issue. Users link themselves to the products list using a One Click update, which links their USER ID to the products table.

I made a separate Table block that pulls data from User table. The table block conditional filter, filters by the Softr Record ID. In other words, the user is only seeing his/her own row of data from the Users Table. I then added the ‘linked to another records’ field where its shows the items linked to the ‘Products table’. Using an edit record action button, the user can click on ‘Edit’ then X out (remove from the field) all the products they want removed from their My Products List.

This seems like an excellent solution! I too would have used a list field on the product table to allow users to add and remove themselves from that list. I like how you took it a step further and made it so the user can only see themselves, which is great for privacy reasons. Good work!