Remove item with action buttons

Hi everyone. What is the best way to remove an item with action buttons?

So when I inquired about this they told me record deletion should be coming in April. My current work around is the following:

  1. Create a checkbox field, “Active”
  2. Create an airtable automation that deletes any record where “Active” is unchecked
  3. Create an update record action button with a check mark field mapped to the “Active” field. Label the action button something like “delete record” or “remove”

When users utilize this action button and unchecks the checkbox in the update record form, the automation then proceeds to delete the “inactive” record.

This is a rough workaround, but gets the job done until a cleaner action button experience is released (hopefully soon :slight_smile: )


Hi Ryan. Thanks for the workaround. Sounds like it should work.

You never know how long it will take Softr to release their ‘planned’ or even ‘in-progress’ features.

When you close out the update button modal after checking and updating, is the record in question removed from the list block immediately? In other words does it automatically refresh without the record that was checked?

I was told by chat support that I would have to update (reconfigure) to the latest block version for this to happen.

Yeah you’ll need to update your block if it’s a pre-action button block. Regarding your first question, about the auto refresh, I don’t know off the top of my head. I’ll have to check next time I’m at my computer. My assumption is that there will probably be a slight delay as the record updates and the airtable automation triggers. Something as simple as filtering and unfiltering the list block can trigger a quick update without having to refresh the entire page though.

@RyanRad and @Ben, we are also working on Delete Record Action will be out in 1-2 weeks.

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Woot! Can’t wait. Will greatly improve user experience.

Thanks for the update Artur. Before I replace dozens of expired dynamic blocks, my current configuration simply moves a record to a ‘removed records view’ in Airtable when the user checks a checkbox in the Softr update modal. Will the upcoming ‘delete’ feature delete records in Airtable or have the option to move them to another view (one that is not configured as the list block default view)?

Right. As I mentioned to Artur earlier, I want to exclude the record by moving it to a view other than the default view configured on a Softr list block, rather then trigger an automation to delete it from Airtable.

That sounds like it would actually work very well. Just have two different airtable views each filtered by your checkbox being “checked” or “unchecked” and set your Softr block to only show items in your “unchecked” view or vice versa depending on your needs.

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Hi Ryan. I am finding that even with the new version of dynamic blocks, removing a record is not auto-refreshed immediately in some cases. For instance, when you remove a record from a list details block, the list block it is mapped to does not reflect the removal.