Remove input labels in Sign in form

form:

New form doesn’t allow you to remove input field Labels; Email - Password
which is a pain specially when your form is not in English.

Signup form does allow you to remove labels, and the old Signin form used to aswell.

Hi @Carlos thank you for the feedback. Indeed, I will suggest the team adding the labels to Sign in form block as well.

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This can be removed using custom coding.

Do the following steps:

  1. Find the Sign-in block CSS id.
    To do that, you need to go to the live version, right-click (if using chrome) → inspect the code → find the correct Sign-in block and dig a bit to find the CSS id.

In my case, this is “css-8qkufk”.

Insert this code (available on the basic plan and on) by going to the page settings → custom coding → insert this in the header with your CSS id.

Replace “css-8qkufk” with your css code.

    .form-input-label.MuiBox-root.css-8qkufk {
        display: none;

Note: this will work on the live version, but on the preview the labels will still show up.