Remove access to Softr app without deleting user

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I built and manage a system for an organization that has 50 users. I’m using an Airtable back end.

One user just left the organization and I need to disable her access. If I delete her from users in Softr, her record in the contacts table. Unfortunately, the contacts table links to other tables and if I delete the record, we loose the record of the work she did - the links will break and become “unknown”.

Rather than deleting the user, is there another way to prevent her from logging in again? Like a "block user) feature? There is no magic link. Can I force a password reset? Or do I need to rework my data structure to decouple the Softr logins from my other tables? Alternatively, I can also create a new users group, add her to it and remove visibility to pages…

Any insight much appreciated!

Create a blocked user group and deny access to everything and if you want to completely remove the user change the structure

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Thanks for validating!!!

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Depending on the situation, I use two or three columns in my base. Department with User Role (Admin, User, Viewer, None) and Status (Active / Inactive). Then using User Groups permissions, I set group conditions using ‘All’. For example, for Operations personnel to access Operations Department records, the person must have a user role set to something other than ‘None’ in the ‘Operations Dept’ column and “Active” listed in the Status Column. If all user groups are tied to the “Status” condition ‘Active’, if you change that person to “Inactive” they will be blocked from all user group permissions.

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