Remove access to Softr app without deleting user

Hi All -

I built and manage a system for an organization that has 50 users. I’m using an Airtable back end.

One user just left the organization and I need to disable her access. If I delete her from users in Softr, her record in the contacts table. Unfortunately, the contacts table links to other tables and if I delete the record, we loose the record of the work she did - the links will break and become “unknown”.

Rather than deleting the user, is there another way to prevent her from logging in again? Like a "block user) feature? There is no magic link. Can I force a password reset? Or do I need to rework my data structure to decouple the Softr logins from my other tables? Alternatively, I can also create a new users group, add her to it and remove visibility to pages…

Any insight much appreciated!

Create a blocked user group and deny access to everything and if you want to completely remove the user change the structure

Thanks for validating!!!