Registration Form Limitations

Hey everyone:)

I’m a proud Softr user

I’m a bit struggling with the native registration form that Softr has. In my form, i would need to do the following, but couldn’t find a way:

  1. Add a conditional logic so that when an option is selected in field a (region) automatically shows the options in field b (Cities)
  2. Add the country flag and standard prefix to the phone number field
  3. Add a password confirmation field (“write your password again”)
  4. Change the behaviour of a field when a dropdown opens (sometimes it opens on top, sometimes on the bottom)
  5. Show Questions and options on 2 lines when they are too long (now they are cut, both on mobile and desktop)
  6. Change the date selector (i would use it like a birth date field, and as it is now, it’s pretty hard to click back every single year)

Is there a way to do these things?

Thanks a lot and best regards