Register with Username and Password (No email)

I am working on a new platform and I am facing the following problem.

Each user has a “unique code” with which I then track the actions of the forms.

The problem I have, currently an email of a user can have 5 subcodes associated with the same email.

I need to be able to “register” these users independently.
User1 - Pass: XX1 - Email:
User2 - Pass: XX2 - Email:
User3 - Pass: XX3 - Email:
User4 - Pass: XX4 - Email:

The email is common but the Login field uses a different User Name with a different password.


No one has had this use case? :frowning:

Hey @RafaPG,

I am sorry to see that this has not been answered. I will try to work of a possible workaround and post it here.



I think this option is not unusual.

On many platforms you use a Nickname/Password.

In this case the problem is that the same user can be registered with the same email and different nicknames and doing it only by email is not possible.

Dear @RafaPG,

Just discussed this with my colleague we thought of a possible workaround.

You can add the users yourself within Softr (with the same email different usernames) within Users tab and send them magic links to join.

You can have a custom form and have a hidden field with which you can grab logged in users record ID and differentiate them.

Let me know if you have questions or if I missed something here.

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