Refresh Page after Editing Record

Use Case: Our staff edits a record, then has to refresh the page for the filters to kick in.

Is there a code snippet that allows for page refresh after clicking the save button.

This would just be a convenience option.
Thanks in advance,

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@Perrowcorp we will check this and let you know. Should be working by default. Are you using list or table block ?

Sliding List block, when save is clicked the record collapses, but still shows until the page is manually refreshed.

Hey @Perrowcorp,

Can you please mention which block exactly,

  1. image


  1. image

I should know which exact one to test :slight_smile:


The first one, list with horizontal sliding cards

We use Option #2 for most of our pages

Thanks for the feedback, we will test both of the blocks.

Have a nice day!

This is still an issue, any progress on a solution?

The new action buttons to update is auto refreshing the blocks now! I dont know if anyone else noticed or maybe it’s a limited phenomenon… but it’s great!

Strange, my page doesn’t refresh after an update

are you using the new action buttons to edit, or the old edit modal? I’m not sure why it doesnt work for you but… it was a pleasant surprise for my app :smiling_face_with_tear:

Yes, I’m using the new action buttons, but apparently the problem is because I added a filter to the block, so I have to refresh the page for the filter to work

Is there an update here?

Thank you! That worked!