Refresh Page after Editing Record

Use Case: Our staff edits a record, then has to refresh the page for the filters to kick in.

Is there a code snippet that allows for page refresh after clicking the save button.

This would just be a convenience option.
Thanks in advance,

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@Perrowcorp we will check this and let you know. Should be working by default. Are you using list or table block ?

Sliding List block, when save is clicked the record collapses, but still shows until the page is manually refreshed.

Hey @Perrowcorp,

Can you please mention which block exactly,

  1. image


  1. image

I should know which exact one to test :slight_smile:


The first one, list with horizontal sliding cards

We use Option #2 for most of our pages

Thanks for the feedback, we will test both of the blocks.

Have a nice day!