Refresh after modal close?

Thanx for the reply,

Yes conditional filters work as expected, but the trouble is when using inline filters selected by the user or expanding the list of records, (load more button) they all get lost after block refreshes.

Ah, inline filters. I just did a test and added inline filters to the block I’m refreshing and they seem to stay so far. I’ll play around with it and see if I can get it to fail but it looks good on my end at the moment.

Here is my experience losing every inline filter after block refresh event:


I tried adding some inline filters to the list block I’m refreshing and they stay put each time. It must be something else affecting the code.

BlockReloadTest (4)

Do you have any other custom code that could be conflicting with it?

The whole page experience is resetting the filters… Let me pass this to the team to see if we have a better way to reload a specific block after the modal close…

I guess you simply need to reload a single list after the modal close ?

Hey @artur

We were sharing experiences about refreshing blocks after making changes via modal.

According to you, when inline filters are selected or maybe a search query is being made, you edit one of those filtered records (via modal) then close the modal, the block shall refresh ignoring the filters and the search criteria or it should refresh only the filtered records?

In my experience, all inline filters or search criteria, or prefiltered records list via URL are being ignored when refreshing the block using the ‘auto refresh block’ when modal closes. (if this is not the case I have to contact support.)

I have a scenario you can live test.

Thank you for your help.

@acjnas, can you send me an example link to check it out? Also, are you relying on a custom code to do a refresh?

Thank you for the assistance, I have just sent you a DM.

What would the code be to implement this for the side modal? I’m guessing that’s the lateral one.

This code from @cooper doesn’t seem to work anymore, at least on older list blocks. Am I missing something here, because it used to work.

In case that someone is interested to use the script from @lea with external iframes, if you change

var iframeURL = iframe.contentWindow.location.href;


var iframeURL = iframe.src;

you can also use this script with external iframe pages.