Redirection with Make - Post Method

I need help because I can’t manage to do the following: I use a QR Code reader application (jotform), when submitting the scanned url, I use Make to look for the url parameters in Airtable, then use a response 200 webhook.
When I test I’m redirected to a blank page with the following message: {“code”: “Method No allow”, “message”: “Request methode ‘POST’ not supported”}
How can I obtain the expected result?

I don’t understand enough about the technicalities of webhooks to comment on that, but I always use 302 as the status for my webhook responses in Make, with the Key set to “Location”, and the redirects work fine. Something like this:

Maybe it’ll work for you too?

Kenzo - Mind explaining your setup? What are you trying to achieve?

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Hello, thank you for your feedback.
Here’s a little more explanation about what I want to achieve:
The user scans a qr code.
The qr code is linked to an airtable input.
When the qr code is submitted, I retrieve a value from the url of the qr code.
Retrieve the value from airtable.
Then I want to redirect the user to a page that contains all the details of the airtable entry.

I think you need the Airtable search module to have a filter formula which is

FIND('[QR code]',{QR code field})

With the [QR code] variable coming from your webhook when scanned, and {QR code field} being renamed to whatever that field is in Airtable.

Then the webhook response url should surely contain “?recordId=” as the parameter, assuming your Softr page is dynamically loaded from the Airtable record? And then the value coming from the Record ID output from the search module.

Thank you for your reply.
Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough. There is indeed a FIND search status.
I’ve been redirected to the right page.
The destination page contains a softr form with a hidden field that I want to fill in with a url parameter.
The problem is that when I get to the destination page I encounter this problem :slight_smile:

The form is embedded in the Softr app you redirecting directly to the form? If it’s in the Softr app then you need to use the code block to grab the URL parameter and update the form link. Otherwise, there is no way for the form to know what value it is supposed to use?

Here is a snippet you can use for inspiration.

<iframe class="airtable-embed airtable-dynamic-height" 
    frameborder="0" onmousewheel="" 
    width="100%" height="6167" 
    style="background: transparent; border: 1px solid #ccc;">

    const formFrame = document.getElementById("unique-form");
    //todo: add an empty form id here for backup in case id is not found...
    let formId = ''; 
    try {
        const urlParmas = new URLSearchParams(;
        formId = urlParmas.get('Unique') || ''; 
        formFrame.src = `${formId}?prefill_FieldName=${Unique}`;
    } catch (e) {
        // this will default to form id from line 13
        formFrame.src = `${formId}?prefill_FieldName=<Default>`;

Thank you for your help, but i use a softr form and not airtable.