Redirecting to "thank you" page and sending email to the user with a button click

Dear community,

I might be asking something standard, but I would like to know how to implement a simple functionality: I have 2 versions of the contract with end-user (Standard and Custom), and 2 buttons for those.

(1) When the user clicks on “Standard Contract” button he is shown a “Thank you” page and receives an email.

(2) If the user clicks on “Custom Contract” button, he is directed to a page where he is asked to upload a custom contract draft, submit it, receives an email and is forwarded to “Thank you” page.

Is this possible to implement with webhooks (Make?) or in any other way on the platform ?

Thank you for your suggestions,

Hello Alexis,

Yes, it is possible.

I would do the following setup

  1. I would create a form with hidden field to grab the user email. Once the button Standard contact is pressed, the form will be submitted and the email would be sent to Airtable. On Airtable you need to setup an automation to send an email to the user with that email.

  2. Here you need to have a form button again and setup a form option to open a the needed page after submit. On that page you need to have another form with upload field where users can upload contracts. After submitting you will show a Thank you page :slight_smile:

Let me know if I miss some nuances.

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Hi Suzie,

I have found another way around by creating a webhook to Make with a customer’s email and contract ID passed in the URL “?”. Then within Make a cycle to update Google Sheets with a new status (Standard contract requested), a node to send notification emails via Sendinblue, and finally a webhook response directing to the “Thank you” page.

It seems you can expand the functionality of SOFTR almost to no limits with Make webhooks.

Thank you for prompt reply,

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