Redirecting and sending a webhook simultaneously

I currently have a development where customers have to click a button to accept a proposal.

That button is linked to Airtable to a formula containing URL of a webhook+recordid.

The button is working perfectly, the problem is that it redirects to the webhook URL.
I would like to be able to automatically redirect to a new SOFTR page called “congratulations” and trigger the webhook in the background to update the status from Active to Accepted.

Is there any way to do this?


The webhook comes from Make?

Yes, sorry, I forgot to give that information.

The automation is mounted in Make

Ok, so you need to add a webhook response module.
Just to be clear, does your workflow look like this (more or less)?

  1. Make Webhook
  2. Airtable update or create

Here is a workflow to delete an item in Softr, with a button click.

The important part for you is the last module: webhook response.
In your case I think it would be an update action in Airtable, am I right?
It doesn’t change anything.
With this workflow type (in your case, with an “update a record”), the webhook will trigger the action in airtable, then airtable update will be displayed to Softr. Meanwhile, your user will be sent to a congratulations page. Thanks to a webhook response. If you aready have set your congrats page :point_down:

Here is the setup (just change the destination url, “Value”, and you’re set)

Thank you very much!

I have done a test redirecting with a basic HTML code and it has worked perfectly!

The scenario is the same as yours, but with an update to record

I am going to try to configure the webhook response module with the congratulations page sending name parameters for example.

Thanks for the help and quick response!

You’re welcome!

I am doing something wrong.

I have created the “congratulations” page and configured the module just like your example.

In this case I am doing something wrong.

The example with html code had worked, but when I put the final url I’m not getting it to work.

Where can be the error?


Key = Location

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