Redirect via Webhook WITHOUT a form submission

Hey all! We know how to redirect via webhook after a form has been submitted. My question is, is it possible to redirect from an interstitial page, not from a form submission.

Here’s my workflow:

  1. A user triggers a webhook by submitting a form in Softr.
  2. redirects the user to an interstitial page. Why: the HTTP request in step 4 can take up to 10 seconds, so I wanted to send the user to a “please wait while we work” interstitial page.
  3. Make pulls some info about the user from Airtable.
  4. I pull a bunch of info from an API. Again, this can take 10 seconds.
  5. Update the user’s information in Airtable – Up to this point, everything works perfectly.
  6. Redirect the user to their campaign detail page, using the new info from step 4.

Step 6, redirecting to a new page from the interstitial page, is what’s knocking me out. I’m pretty sure I’m missing a script in my custom code, but for the life of me can’t figure out what. For reference, my step 6 webhook looks like this:

Any ideas/thoughts?

I have a couple of ideas.

First, if your goal with the interstitial page is only to give the user some feedback that the process is in motion, then it’s possible there’s a simpler way to do that. For example, it’s possible you could use some custom code on the form page that watches for the click on the submit button, and adds a spinner into the page along with your “please wait while we work” message. That would allow the 302 coming back from Make to take the user to their final destination page.

Second, if the interstitial page is really a must-have piece of this flow, then there’s got to be some code running on that page that polls Make to find out when to do a location.replace() or similar JS function that will take the user from the interstitial page to the final page.

I have never written JS code to poll Make, but there are basically a couple of general approaches. One is to make an XHR/fetch request to Make that does not return until step 5 is complete. The other is to make periodic requests to Make that return some value that means “keep waiting” until step 5 is complete, at which point it returns a value that means “go to final page.” This does not have to be the actual 302 redirect response - it can simply be true/false or success/keep waiting/error.

Your initial description of the problem seemed fairly complete to me, but if the above doesn’t seem helpful, is there more you explain that would help us understand?

Just wondering if you ended up with a solution that worked for you. I’m also stuck with long automations and pages forever waiting for the webhook response.