Redirect to another app page after one-click Action

Hello All! I am using a one-click action to update a field in airtable, and then I would like to navigate to another page within my softr app. Does this need to be done with custom code or is there a way within the builder to do this? Thank you kindly for your help!

Hi, you will need a custom code in order to do this.

Here it is, to be placed in the header custom code of the page. Just replace the /… by the page path and ‘blockID’ by the block ID/name where the update occurs.

  window.addEventListener('block-loaded-blockID', () => {
    window.addEventListener('update-record-success-blockID', () => {
      window.location.href = '/page-to-redirect-to';

Thank you so much Matthieu! This worked flawlessly :smiley: