reCaptcha on Sign Up form / avoiding bot sign ups?

Hi folks -

I don’t have this problem yet but have seen some recent horror stories of sites being bot-bombed with fake user accounts. Has that happened to anybody here? Does the sign up form use reCaptch v3 behind the scenes? I know you can turn it on for other forms but I don’t see the option for sign up.


This was asked on Slack in August and the answer at that time was that there is no reCaptcha integration into the sign up form yet. The recommendation for a workaround at that time was that you can use Sign In With Code as a substitute for the Sign Up block if you don’t need to gather additional fields at Sign Up time.

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Hi David - thanks. The documentation is not clear. Can a user sign up using this method? It says if they are already registered but doesn’t say what happens if a user is not already registered. Would this register them? Would they create a password?


Yes, as long as you don’t check the option “only registered users can sign in”, users will be able to sign up with this method.

What happens is the user visits the form, and by default it looks like this:
They enter their email into the form and click Continue, then an email is sent to the address they entered. The email looks like this:
Then the form changes to this:
When the user copies and pastes the correct code in, and hits Sign In, they are logged in to the home page of the app.

At this point they can go to their profile and set up a password, or they can log in with a new code next time.

Okay - cool, that is a reasonable workaround. Not ideal but okay. Thanks


Folks reCaptcha will be added to the signup form soon. It’s in development.

Thanks. How about the very standard model of sign up requiring you to validate email by receiving and clicking a link?

It’s in our backlog to be fair but we haven’t gotten into it yet.

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