Read vs unread items in Inbox Block

Hi, I’m trying out the inbox block but can’t seem to find what I expected to be some common inbox-like features such as: distinguish between read vs unread items in the block. I’m trying to build a feed of notifications (scenario: content from multiple sources is being aggregated into a single feed/list) where the end user needs to distinguish between items in the list they’ve already seen vs new ones. Any ideas?

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would be very interested in this as well

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I don’t believe ‘seen’ functionality exists anywhere in Softr at present. How I got around this in my use case was to have an inbox which contained un-actioned items and an inbox which contained actioned items.

Once the user presses the button to action something on each notification/message (this could even be a button saying ‘mark as read’), it disappears from their ‘unread’ inbox and gets sent to another inbox I added which is filtering for only actioned notifications/messages.

If you put your two inboxes on separate but identical pages you could even use the in-line action button on the inbox to ‘switch’ between inboxes by redirecting them to the page of the other.

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Thanks @adamnewton, I ended up heading in a similar direction as you, but the usability is poor. i.e. for a user to mark a list item as ‘read’, they have to click on an action button which then open a modal window with the checkbox that they need to click and submit that form. i.e. 3 clicks just to mark something as read.

I wish there was a way to accomplish this with a single click.