Rating field and action

I created a course management platform. I added sessions. For each session I want the users to rate. In Airtable besides the session record I added MultiSelect field for ratings with values 1-5, and another field for rated by (linked to multiple users).
In Softr, in the list details, i added an item action button with Update Record, but it is just replacing the rating value, not adding to it. How can I make it add to rating?

Hi @manal, welcome to our community!

Before addressing your question, let’s please clarify the use case. You have a course management platform where each course is consisted of sessions. Your goal is to enable users to rate each session. Then, based on the aggregated session ratings, display an overall rating for the entire course. Is that correct?

Hi Sveta,
that is also exactly what i need.
Tried it using some lookup/connecting tables inside airtable, seems sort of inefficient.

Would be nice to get tip to make it work a different way