Radius Search Based on Location (Zip, City, State)

I’m attempting to build out a search function where users can type in a city, state or zipcode and it will pull all records within a certain radius of that location. I saw an old thread requesting something similar in 2022 but wanted to see if anyone had done something similar or if this was even possible within Softr.

I realize that this would be a bit of custom code but not sure if the code will be able to search and display the necessary records. I am using Airtable as my base and love the interface of both Airtable and Softr. I know the code is possible as we have it on our current WIX site but don’t know if this can be done with the Softr/Airtable or if I need to go with something less no-code (really dislike WIXs CMS and some of the other features).

I’d appreciate any insight you all may have!