Quotation marks in a single line text field in Airtable get dropped

When I have quotation marks in a single line text field in Airtable the quotation marks get dropped if it is at the beginning or the end. This wasn’t the case just a couple of days ago. I can’t tell if Airtable did this update or Softr did, but if there is a work around that you know of, I’d appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Example: the text under the deck graphic here says: “CURB NERD” Red Stain 9.63" but you only see the one quotation mark that’s in the middle, the first one and the last one gets dropped for some reason. https://www.shapeddecks.com/deck-details?recordId=recT0gZJ4QzCkNKYE

I am having the same issue in multi-line text fields! It’s a real problem because we use customer quotes in our layout and none of them are rendering accurately.

Support told me the following:

I just wanted to share some information about what we’ve been working on and why this issue is occurring. Airtable is randomly adding quotation marks to the text, which has caused a lot of complaints. So now we are removing any quotation marks from the text that comes from Airtable. However, this has resulted in some problems. Our technical team is currently working on finding a proper solution to this issue, but it might take some time to fix.

Support also let me know that if you use “curly quote marks” they will be displayed.

This helps in the short term but is not a sustainable solution and to go back through all our data and copy/paste new quotation marks into it is insane.

@artur when can we expect a solution?

@kunch and @siyu the reason this is happening is that Airtable many times adds quotes into text when and we don’t know thee full logic when they do that. So it turns out that sometimes does are needed and sometimes not and we don’t know when it’s intentional and when it’s not. That’s why we suggested using curly quotes instead.